NASA LCROSS – Moon Got Hydrogen, Mercury and 50% More Water Than Expected

NASA LCROSS – LRO : Moon Got Hydrogen, Mercury and 50% More Water Than Expected

According to latest NASA LCROSS – LRO press conference Moon got Hydrogen, Mercury and 50% more water than expected. Availability of Hydrogen can provide billions of gallon of more water.
NASA’s LCROSS mission launched in June 2009 along with the space agency’s powerful Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO. In October of that year, the LCROSS – LRO probe watched as its upper rocket stage crashed into the lunar south pole, then followed the impactor in to make a crash of its own.

The results will be featured in six papers published in the Oct. 22 issue of the journal Science.

Last year Indian Moon Impact Probe on Chandrayaan-I appears to have sensed water earlier than Nasa’s Moon Minerolgy Mapper (M3) as NASA claiming they found water first but protocol (NASA) did not allow ISRO to declare the discovery. While MIP detected water molecules on November 14, 2008, just 22 days after Chandrayaan-1’s launch, M3 did so in March 2009.

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Live Press conference :





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