Alien Faces (43)

With all the UFO evidence we have at our disposal, with all the eyewitness testimonies about abductions and encounters, the one thing that everyone wants the most is to meet them. Here I will introduce you to them by showing you their faces. Each species has a distinct appearance of the face and that is why they use faces to commemorate great individuals of their species, much like America made Mount Rushmore with the faces of the greatest presidents upon it. This file will be added to as more and more faces are found. 

The USAF states in Area S4 that they know of 56 space faring species. Also in Rocca Pia, Italy a story exists of aliens below the castle that came up and talked to the people…they called themselves the W56. Coincidence? No. I am in search of these 56 species and when I find their faces, I will place them below. 
The above photo shows three alien faces. Three species together. It may have a fourth or far right, but harder to identify it. (Monkey skull, Lizard or frog face, fox face.) This is my discovery SCW. Source NASA photo PIA10214 by Spirit Rover, Mars. Original at this NASA url
Above alien is reptilian as you can see from the features. This person had royal status (crown or scales). Also looks like the taller greys. Source of photo is my discover and is in same photo as the three faces above it. PIA10214 Spirit Rover, Mars.
The above photo is also from PIA10214 by Mars Spirit Rover, and was not discovered by me, but another person here in Asia. It led me to the other discoveries. Note the three figures and their bent joints that are 100% the same as ours. They are alive, not the pink bald head of the center male. They are looking in the direction of the Rover as it photographs them. 
The above photo is from PIA10214 by Mars Spirit Rover. Small yet its facial features stand out.
The above image is the first face I ever discovered (Scott C. Waring) , that was 35 years ago. It was first published in a book the size of a dictionary with full page black and white photos. This  photo was taken in 1976 by Viking 1. Yep…I was in first grade when I discovered it in a book that was one day old when I opened it in the school library. 
The above photo is a close up of a mountain on Mars, NASA source:  
ABOVE FACE discovered by Matteo Ianneo, Italy.
ABOVE FACE discovered by Matteo Ianneo, Italy. The above Mars photo looks human. Was found on Google Mars Map at Coordinates, Latitude 33 ° 12’29 .82 «N, 12 ° 55’51 .21» W
Photo by NASA Spirit Rover. 
The above image is on Mars, image source: Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) MOC narrow angle image MO3-05549 at this URL
Four faces, three little ones I did discover (SCW), the largest I did not. I have run into it by accident twice while searching Mars photos. It’s an amazing feeling…to meet them face to face. Malin Space Science Systems image (MSSS) M02-03051 at   
Mars face found in the Cydonia.
This goes to show that aliens have a sense of humor about life. This unnamed crater on Mars is 3 kilometers or 1.9 miles across. It is located among the Nereidum Montes, north of Argyre basin, near 45.1°S, 55.0°W. Photo credit: NASA/JPL/MSSS and was taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
Photograph taken by the NASA/JPL Mars Global Surveyor. I found the one on top, not the lower one. There are many faces in the photo this came from. What can you find in the source? Link at 
ABOVE FACE discovered by Matteo Ianneo, Italy.
ABOVE FACE discovered by Matteo Ianneo, Italy. This face was found on Google Mars Map, free to download. Find a face and mail it into us please. 
In the above Moon photo, I Scott C. Waring discovered this face in the crater on the Earth’s Moon. It is in a crater called Jenner. The face is about 8KM from chin to top of head. The floor of Jenner Crater is 40 km across. 
The above photo you see the shadow of the astronaut and his tool sitting on the rock, but do you see the face upon the rock further away? Credit NASA Archives.
This moon face was discovered by me SCW. It looks like a lion facing one way with its back to a bird that faces the other. It is in the location where Apollo 20 recovery mission took place (without your knowledge). Source at NASA:
New Moon Face in above photo. I just discovered this face in the above NASA photo today, June 10, 2010 as I was exploring the Lunar Orbiter 2 photos. Source at:
I (SCW) looked over this recent Mercury Messenger photo (ABOVE PHOTO) and found many new faces right next to one another. The smallest is sitting in a crater bed. The other three look like a guerrilla, Elf with giant eyes and a Yoda like face with body. Credit to NASA for the faces…er….cities…er…the photo.

Source of photo:

The above photo I Scott C. Waring discovered when I found the mirror like dome city near it. Date of sighting: March 9, 2011 Location of sighting: 5 deg South, 134.1 deg East. NASA Photo Archives, Lunar surface The dome and face are in both of these photos at and 

I discovered this human like face on the Planet Mercury on June 26, 2011.  I (Scott C. Waring) was looking through Mercury photos when I came across this face. As you know if you frequent my site, I like to search for faces on alien planets and moons. Why? Because It’s the closest thing to meeting them. So I search. Credit to NASA for the alien face and source photo 
The Above face is near Medicine Hat, Canada. Description: Alien Royal Prince Face 400+ meters across. When looking at Canada using Google Earth (free program) I (SCW) found an area of land that resembles the shape of a face. Now this is not hills and mountains that formed a face, this is a face that formed the hills and mountains. My video teaching U to find it at
I (SCW) discovered this bird skull on Mars on July 5, 2011 at West Valley. The Spirit Rover took the photo. Either this is a structure in skull form or…the skull of a real ancient bird on Mars. 
I (Scott Waring) found the above face with the flat head on July 5, 2011. Location is Mars. Source photo at  
The above skull was found on July 2011 by European Space Agency (ESA). They probably figured I would find it and take credit for its discovery in a few weeks time so they might as well release it to the public. Found in the Cydonia region where the first Mars face was discovered. Oh…that first one I did discover 34 years ago. Source photo at

Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

Scott Waring discovered the above face on July 7, 2011 using Google Earth 2D version. I thought that some people would have difficulty seeing it so I colorized the face so that it stands out more from the rest of the picture.

By Scott Waring

I SCW discovered the above Mars face on July 8, 2011 using Google Earth 3D version. It was the first time I ever used this program and it took me 2-3 minutes to find the face.  Notice the helmet it is wearing and the mustache and beard?
On July 11, 2011 SCW discovered the above face that looks like an old indian with head dress on. Location of discovery: Melas Chasma on Mars.
Why the cat face? Because a UFO sighting in Russia in March 2011 confirmed the UFO transmitted cat like voices to the control tower. Source:

On July 11, 2011 SCW discovered the above faces of a cat species and bird species that seem to be humanoid on Mars surface.
Above photo is a Face of Thunder God Tupan Patera Found on Jupiter’s Moon IO. I SCW discovered this on July 17, 2011. Perhaps because it was tilted with the face pointing up originally, may be why others did not find it first.  
The image of the face was taken by the Galileo space craft on October 2001.
I made this discovery on July 18, 2011. The location of the above face is on the moon IO (orbiting Jupiter) it is in the are called Babbar Patera. SCW, Credit to ipad app & NASA.
I found the above alien face on Earth’s moon. Date of discovery August 1, 2011. The above face is at Eichstadt K crater, moon. SCW
I Scott C. Waring found this Yoda face on the moons surface. Does this mean that the species Yoda comes from is real…most likely yes. Found Sept 2011.
The above face was found using Google Mars in 2011. This face is very close to the original Cydonia face. ABOVE FACE discovered by Matteo Ianneo, Italy.
The three screenshots above are of a face that I SCW discovered yesterday, January 7, 2012. The face is on Mars surface and can be found using Google Mars, for more information look at the video I made about it at: 


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